Labia reduction

Labia can simply be too long for genetic reasons, but age and other influences can also lead to such changes, which are usually very stressful for those affected. The labia can also be changed by congenital deformities, injuries or tumors - or even be disfigured. But age and other influences can also lead to such changes, which are usually very stressful for those affected.


"Corrections in the most intimate places..."

Labia reduction

Have labia that are too big reduced
Especially the resulting fact that you no longer want to show yourself naked and the consequence that there are significant restrictions in sexual relationships To the point of complete asexuality, lead to enormous psychological stress. In addition, not only mental but also physical consequences can occur: labia that are too large or long can be a nuisance when doing sports (especially when cycling or horse riding). When wearing tight pants, they can chafe or even show. In addition, the inner labia can collapse during sexual intercourse, which often causes severe pain.
Labia reduction

Labia reduction at a glance

Operation duration: 1 hour
Anesthesia: local anesthesia with or without twilight sheep
Hospital stay: outpatient
Dressing change: daily< /div>
Showering: with disinfectant shampoo
Exercise: after 4 – 6 weeks
Inability to work: no, except for major corrections



Vor der Op

  • For labia reduction, the genital area should be completely shaved in order to minimize the risk of infection and thus make dressing changes easier.
  • For a period of around 14 days before the operation You should avoid medications that contain acetylsalicylic acid (e.g. aspirin, ASA, etc.), as these impair blood clotting.
  • You should also largely avoid alcohol, cigarettes and sleeping pills. Nicotine can also reduce blood circulation and delay wound healing. Therefore, avoid nicotine two weeks before the operation and also during the wound healing phase.

Nach der Op

  • Daily showering with a disinfectant soap
  • No sexual intercourse: 4 weeks
  • Antibiotic: 7 days

During a labia reduction, excess skin or mucous membrane on the labia minora is removed and the cut edges are closed with fine, self-dissolving sutures. What is particularly important in this procedure is the incision, which must be chosen individually in order to achieve a perfect result. This is the only way to avoid postoperative scar symptoms (itching, pain, scar distortion).



After the operation there may be scars and pain in the surgical area, but these usually disappear completely after a certain amount of time. Sensitivity during sexual intercourse is not affected. Asymmetry may result after swelling has resolved, but is usually neither bothersome nor noticeable.

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Thanks to this method, problems can be treated that are often considered taboo, even though many women are affected by them . This includes atrophy of the vaginal mucosa, which occurs during menopau...

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