Initial consultation - skin analysis

Before the treatment, our medical assistant Ms. Wirth carefully analyzes your skin in order to obtain an accurate picture and to tailor the treatment individually to your needs. No matter what skin problem you have: acne, pigment spots, signs of aging, large pores, impurities or the desire for a fresh look, you will find the right solution with us. Through our diverse treatment modalities and tailor-made concepts, we can specifically address your individual skin needs and help you improve your skin problems. Trust our expertise and let us work together to ensure that your skin looks and shines optimally.  The treatments deliver amazing results after the first session. We use the latest generation of anti-aging systems to provide the optimal solution for your skin's needs. The treatments tighten, provide intensive moisture, regenerate and refresh the skin and increase its elasticity.

Note: If you decide directly for a treatment , the skin analysis is free!

Preise: ab €80.00
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Cristina Wirth

Medical assistant

Cristina Wirth