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Detoxification and skin regeneration. Lymphatic drainage is offered from a cosmetic perspective at the Moser Milani Medical Spa in order to promote detoxification, relieve annoying congestion (e.g. bags under the eyes) and optimize the supply of skin cells. It also accelerates healing after surgical procedures such as: B. Knee operations for sports injuries, upper eyelid lifts, breast corrections and similar treatments. In these cases, it is advisable to start therapy immediately after the operation, preferably several times a week.
There is an essential lymphatic system in our lymphatic system, which is closely connected to the bloodstream Part of our defense cells and is therefore crucial for wound healing. This can of course lead to a build-up of lymph (dema). The drainage optimizes the circulation of the intercellular fluid, which means that inflammation is reduced and the area is supplied with important diffusion substances.
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Cristina Wirth