Cellulite treatment - AWT - shockwave treatment

Both shock waves (AWT) in combination with microinfusion therapy, as well as radio frequency waves (Thermage) can be very effective against the unwanted cellulite can be used. The energy supplied not only causes the decayed connective tissue to break open and be transported away, it also produces new, strong connective tissue. The effect is that the cellulite noticeably reduces and its new development is significantly reduced. The so-called “orange peel” often occurs in typical problem areas such as the stomach, arms, legs and buttocks and can affect self-confidence and well-being. Whether it's Thermage, shockwave therapy, supportive infusions, microinfusion therapy or a nutritional plan - our experienced team will provide detailed advice to achieve the best results for every patient. 

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Cellulite treatment - AWT - shockwave treatment

Shockwave therapy, microinfusion therapy and Thermage against cellulite

Cellulite can be divided into three stages:
  • Stage I: No cellulite is visible yet. However, if the skin is touched with two hands on the stomach, buttocks, or the thighs are pushed together, honeycomb-shaped dents appear. This means you have a predisposition to cellulite.
  • Stage II: The cellulite is visible without pushing the skin together and pinching it is painful.
  • Stage III: The cellulite is clearly visible, the skin is flabby and has an irregular structure. The skin appears gray and pale — caused by the ulceration and poor blood circulation.
The main possible use for the shock wave is cellulite, regardless of the stage. The treatment with the shock wave results in an improvement of one stage. Particularly good results can be achieved in stage I. Here, shock wave therapy has a preventative character in order to stop the further spread of the disease. Furthermore, a tightening of the thighs, stomach, hips, upper arms and partly the neck as well as the lower facial area can be achieved. The combination with microinfusion therapy offers you a tailor-made solution for your individual concerns. With the specially selected active ingredients, we can take targeted action against cellulite and make your skin appear firmer and smoother. The small needle attachments enable precise application after shock wave therapy to achieve optimal results.
The treatment
The shock wave therapy lasts between 10 and 45 minutes, depending on the region. After treatment, the area may be red for some time (due to increased blood flow). Depending on the region, 6 — 10 treatment cycles are necessary, the intervals in between are ideally one week. To treat cellulite on the buttocks. and the thighs, accompanying gymnastics exercises are absolutely necessary.
The shock wave (or acoustic wave therapy) uses the body's own repair mechanisms to repair tissue tighten.
From a physical point of view, shock waves are sound waves, which are characterized by high pressure values compared to the ambient pressure. Medical sound waves are generated outside the human body and transmitted into the body in a precisely targeted manner without damaging the skin. Shock wave therapy has been used very successfully for many years against kidney stones or tendon calcifications in the shoulder.
Shock wave therapy has been used very successfully in aesthetic medicine Tightening of tissue and also used to treat cellulite. This is a drainage disorder of the lymphatic system in which protein molecules and breakdown products can no longer be transported back into the blood vessel system. This leads to a kind of “sulfurization” of the tissue. This is particularly pronounced in women because their dermis is thinner compared to that in men and the hormones (estrogens) loosen the skin and connective tissue additionally. As a result, the fat cells grow or become sulfurized and the characteristic orange peel formation occurs.
Application of shock wave therapy
With the help of the shock waves, the sulfurization is dissolved and the degradation products/protein molecules are transported away again. The main task of shock wave therapy is to tighten and regenerate connective tissue, thereby reducing cellulite. In addition, skin elasticity increases, fat breakdown is stimulated and the skin's appearance is visually improved.


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