Laboratory examination including discussion of findings

Our special laboratory diagnostics make a significant contribution to your well-being and your health care. The lack of certain vitamins or trace elements, as well as hormonal changes, are often not recognized. Our test blocks support quick and targeted clarification.

Preise: ab €80.00

Laboratory examination including discussion of findings

As part of our laboratory examination including discussion of the findings, we can also offer the following services:

Block trace elements

  • ab &Euro; 180,-

Block vitamins

  • from € 280,-

Block hair loss

  • from € 360,-

Food intolerances

Small block

  • from € 230,-

Middle block

  • from € 310,-

Large block

  • from € 470,-

Vaccination titre survey

  • from € 270,-

Preventive examination

  • Health benefit (once a year)

and many more!

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Preventive examination

The Health Check is a free service provided by the Austrian social insurance institutions from the age of 18 and is available to you once a year. It provides you with important information about Your ...

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Vitamin infusions/infusion therapy

Vitamins, trace elements, minerals and amino acids in the form of restorative infusions that have both a restorative and protective effect and are therefore also good for healthy people through: fas...

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Dr. Nada Loibner-Ott

Specialist in general surgery, head of the day clinic and endoscopy in the Rudolfinerhaus private clinic

Dr. Nada Loibner-Ott

Dr. Patrizia Debski

Doctor for general medicine, modern Mayr medicine, nutritional medicine, functional medicine & Stress medicine

Dr. Patrizia Debski