About Us

Medical care for him and her The interdisciplinary medical center in the Moser Milani Medical Spa offers our patients an optimal mix of medical services, which are offered by independent specialists in the respective field. Holistic and contemporary medical care requires close and coordinated collaboration between doctors and therapists from different disciplines. As part of the Moser Milani Medical SPA, a highly qualified team is available to you in the medical center. It was specially put together to optimize your medical treatment and take advantage of possible synergies that also make savings possible for you. The ordination times are organized taking into account the related medical specialist areas, so that, if necessary, one or more specialists from the ordination can be called in at short notice. The modern practice rooms reflect the atmosphere of the medical spa. A fully equipped and certified procedure room completes the equipment.



Being beautiful is one of man's most primal desires. That's why we support you in gently highlighting your natural beauty. Beauty treatments that do not change, but perfect and do not put a strain on your health - that is our goal.


Nature shows us again and again: What we perceive as visually beautiful is also functional and healthy. Often the desire for an “improvement” is just a way to combat the symptoms. That's why it's important to take various factors into account before we carry out treatment or even surgery. This is how we ensure that our treatments not only optimize your beauty, but also your health and function.

We treat and operate far away from trends and unnatural enhancements. What matters to us is supporting your natural beauty without harming you. We don't change you, we support you in feeling better - and healthier. It is important to us to practice an ethical, responsible approach to your most valuable asset - your health.



In total, we both have 25 years of surgical experience. Multiple training centers at home and abroad have allowed us to see and learn a very wide spectrum of plastic surgery. Rather, we define ourselves as plastic surgeons who see the entire field of plastic and reconstructive surgery as our core competence. Although aesthetic medicine and “cosmetic surgery” are also very important. In order to meet these requirements, Dr. Milani-Helletzgruber worked for years as a senior physician in the SMZ East (surgical department, focus: breast surgery), while Dr. Moser has been working as a senior physician at the Lorenz Böhler Accident Hospital (focusing on reconstructive, hand and nerve surgery) since 2009.

Diversity under one roof

In our team, doctors and medical assistants work closely together to meet all needs. Our goal is to offer comprehensive medical care and care for patients in various specialist areas under one roof. Our team consists of highly qualified doctors who specialize in various disciplines to ensure comprehensive care. We attach great importance to cooperative and coordinated collaboration. No matter what your medical concern is, we have the expertise to guarantee the best possible care. Patient management is also an important aspect of our work. Our focus is on efficient organization and coordination of appointments and treatments to avoid long waiting times and ensure the comfort of our patients.


Dr. Shirin Milani

Specialist in plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery...

Dr. Veith Moser

Specialist in plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery...

Dr. Nada Loibner-Ott

Specialist in general surgery, head of the day clinic and endoscopy in the Rudolfinerhaus private clinic...

Dr. Arthur Schultz

Specialist in trauma surgery and sports traumatology....

Dr. Patrizia Debski

Doctor for general medicine, modern Mayr medicine, nutritional medicine, functional medicine & Stress medicine...

Jens Wismahr

Director of Training and Clinical Education Specialist in Thermage FLX, Fraxel and Clear&Brilliant technologies...

Marija Perkovic