Thanks to this method, problems can be treated that are often considered taboo, even though many women are affected by them . This includes atrophy of the vaginal mucosa, which occurs during menopause or postmenopause, as well as stress or stress incontinence, which occurs, for example, when sneezing, coughing or laughing and is due to a vagina that is too wide due to vaginal deliveries.
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Co2 laser treatment against stress and stress incontinence, signs of aging or dryness - this fact is embarrassing for many of those affected and makes their everyday lives more difficult solid. Those women who are faced with overstretching of the vaginal tissue, damage to the pelvic floor or impairment of the strength of the mucous membrane on the vaginal walls after significant weight fluctuations or due to hormonal changes can also benefit from Femilift treatment. Using this laser method, the urethra is lifted, which eliminates the problems mentioned. Vaginal dryness can also be treated with femilift.

The fractional pixel CO2 laser tightens and smoothes the vagina tissue, which is why it is tighter after the treatment. This not only normalizes sexual life, but also causes the aforementioned forms of incontinence to disappear. As part of the treatment, the laser attachment is inserted into the vaginal canal to remove older, poorly supplied tissue, while the laser stimulates deep warming. New collagen is formed, which causes the tissue to contract. The vaginal flora improves, the vaginal walls become thicker and are then better supplied with blood. This means that vaginal dryness after menopause can be treated, as can incontinence or age-related slackening.

Laser treatment is possible as early as six weeks after a birth. Before therapy, every patient must have a gynecological examination to determine whether she is pregnant, suffers from active infections such as herpes or HPV, or has cancer.

Femilift at a glance

A recent PAP smear must be available before the treatment
Duration of the treatment: approx. 30 minutes, outpatient
Procedure: three treatments, each four weeks apart
Anesthesia: anesthetic ointment if necessary< br>Exercise: immediately
Social: immediately, abstain from sexual intercourse for three days and do not use tampons
Results: after approx. six months

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