Birthmark removal

Birthmarks can often be located in aesthetically unfavorable places or can be really annoying if, for example, you constantly rub yourself against them.? In addition, birthmarks that increase in size or change in question continue to appear. In all of these cases, the birthmark should be removed to ensure histological (histological) processing of the material under the microscope.


"Because we don't always find birthmarks beautiful."

Birthmark removal

Mole removal at a glance

Operation duration: 15 - 30 minutes

Anesthesia: outpatient under local anesthesia

Sport: after 2 weeks

Vor der Op

  • On the day of mole removal, you should wear loose, comfortable clothing and avoid using skin cream. For a period of approximately 14 days before the operation, you should avoid medications that contain acetylsalicylic acid (e.g. aspirin, ASA, etc.), as these impair blood clotting.
  • Except ;You should also largely avoid alcohol, cigarettes and sleeping pills. Nicotine can also reduce blood flow to organs and delay wound healing. Therefore, avoid nicotine two weeks before the operation and also during the wound healing phase.

Nach der Op

  • Stitch removal on the face after 5-7 days
  • No need to remove stitches on the body, mostly absorbable suture material

The operation is carried out under local anesthesia and on an outpatient basis. The birthmark is cut out in a spindle shape and the wound edges are sutured.
It is then sent for a histological examination.

Any swelling and discoloration caused by bruising in the surgical area will subside after about a week. Sometimes a feeling of numbness is felt in the area of the scar, but this also disappears after about 2 to 3 weeks.

  • Face
  • Body

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