Laser for skin improvement

The Fraxel® and Clear & Brilliant® Laser systems are innovative ways to improve your skin.

The Fraxel® uses microscopic laser arrays to improve aging, sun-damaged or scarred skin. This treatment stimulates the formation of new collagen and regenerates the skin from the inside out. It can improve pigment spots, wrinkles, scars and skin texture. Treatment typically requires 3-6 sessions with an individual treatment plan. The Clear & Brilliant® creates microscopic treatment zones on the top layer of skin and replaces damaged tissue with healthy tissue. This treatment promotes skin rejuvenation, reduces signs of aging, tightens pores and improves skin tone and texture. It is a gentle, non-invasive procedure with minimal downtime.

Both treatments result in improved skin texture, skin tone and elasticity, clear and radiant skin, reduction of pigment irregularities and fine lines as well as an improved overall appearance of the skin.

Let our experts advise you - we will create a tailor-made treatment concept for you, tailored to your individual needs. 

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Fraxel laser treatment

The Fraxel® treatment improves tone, texture and radiance for aging, sun-damaged or scarred skin.   Fraxel® is intended for people who want to look younger without dramatic changes or exten...

  • Face
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Clear and Brilliant Laser Treatment

The Fraxel laser treatment for those who want collagen buildup without pain, want to reduce the early signs of aging, are hoping for measurable results with little downtime and want more than just a c...

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