Carpal tunnel syndrome

Determination and treatment of pain of unknown cause.
< div>Embedded in the Moser Milani Medical Spa and Medical Center, therapy-resistant pain, such as joint pain, nerve constriction syndromes in the upper and lower extremities, headaches and migraines, is treated here ;ne and nerve injuries treated.
A very important and large part also lies in the assessment and treatment of pain after operations, especially after trauma surgery or orthopedic procedures. Experienced specialists from the fields of plastic surgery and nerve surgery, trauma surgery and radiology work together under one roof in an interdisciplinary manner and at the highest level in order to be able to adequately help those affected.



Carpal tunnel syndrome

An indispensable tool for clarifying these unclear pains is high-resolution ultrasound, which is carried out in our center by Dr. Gerd Bodner is carried out. Precise test blocks (with a local anesthetic, similar to what is done at the dentist) of altered nerves can very realistically simulate a potential surgical result and provide a good estimate of the success of the operation.
Through that interdisciplinary approach For chronic pain, very promising treatment options can be offered individually.
In a first step, the examination and diagnosis is carried out by the Ultrasound specialists Doz. Gerd Bodner.

After the diagnosis has been made, the microsurgical nerve operation is carried out by the team of Dr. Veith Moser carried out.