Surgical clearance including blood sampling, ECG, clinical examination

In order to carry out an operation (either under anesthesia or in a regional procedure such as a cross stitch or arm nerve plexus anesthesia), your general health and your entire organism must be examined.

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Surgical clearance including blood sampling, ECG, clinical examination

Are you about to have a scheduled procedure?

  • For this you need a detailed clinical examination, some blood tests, an ECG and in many cases a lung x-ray is also required before the procedure. In individual cases It may be necessary to obtain further additional findings (e.g. lung function, cardiac ultrasound, etc.).
  • The findings must not be older than 2 weeks at the time of the procedure.
  • Please appear for the blood test at least  5 hours sober, water is allowed.

We offer you the opportunity to obtain the required surgical clearance directly in the medical center of the Medical Spa MoserMilani through our General practitioner Dr. Patrizia Debski to do it. A detailed and conscientious examination helps to make the operation and anesthesia as risk-free as possible.

Dr. Debski makes every effort to enable you to arrange an appointment at short notice and to prepare you as best as possible for the upcoming procedure.


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Dr. Patrizia Debski

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Dr. Patrizia Debski