Modern Mayr Medicine / Functional Myodiagnostics / Orthomolecular Medicine

Dr. Patrizia Debski is an experienced general practitioner who takes care of all matters relating to classic general medicine. In addition, she has specialized in modern approaches such as Modern Mayr Medicine, Functional Medicine and Stress Medicine in order to offer her patients comprehensive and holistic care.

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"The body is incredibly simple and simply amazing." -George Goodheart

Modern Mayr Medicine / Functional Myodiagnostics / Orthomolecular Medicine

Ancient knowledge paired with the most modern medicine . With Modern Mayr Medicine
Towards a better quality of life

Modern Mayr Medicine sees itself as a symbiosis of traditional diagnostics according to FXMayr, functional myodiagnostics and orthomolecular medicine.  Aligned with your personal health goals, the symbiosis of preserved tradition and innovation enables a holistic approach to individual therapy in order to create the necessary basis for body and mind to increase your personal quality of life. Regeneration and prevention - whether as a sustainable treatment or detox Go. Sustainable nutritional advice, promoting self-regulation and self-healing powers
Whether to achieve your optimal weight, strengthening and activating your immune system...sleep quality...

Preserved tradition expanded to include the functional aspect of myodiagnostics and the fundamental knowledge of orthomolecular medicine enables a holistic approach . Individual therapy geared towards your personal health goals.
Protection of the entire organism, cleansing through intestinal cleansing, training, substitution through targeted nutrient therapy, stress reduction and regeneration are considered the principles of therapy and are individually developed and adapted to the specific needs of the client . Whether as a sustainable treatment or detox to go,

Aimed at your personal health goals, the Modern Mayr Therapy strengthens the immune system, increases your personal fitness, regeneration and prevention. As a contemporary further development of preserved tradition, Modern Mayr Medicine helps with

  • Leaky Gut
  • Irritable bowel syndrome, indigestion, flatulence
  • Heartburn, irritable stomach
  • Exhaustion, burnout
  • >
  • Painful conditions, migraines
  • High blood pressure
  • Excess weight
  • DM
  • Inflammatory diseases
  • Skin diseases
  • Menstrual problems and much more

Whether classic treatment or detox to go - ‚The intestine is the root system of the human being‘ based on FXMayr

FX Mayr is considered a pioneer of natural preventive medicine and prevention.
Mayr Medicine deals with the connection between the various symptoms and the intestine -‚as the root of the body&lsquo ;. Health is the prerequisite for holistic well-being and a beautiful, radiant being. Instead of treating symptoms, the problem is tackled at the root, which often lies in our intestines.
A large number of diseases of civilization can be boiled down to one disrupted intestinal flora and a disrupted microbiome.

Consequential illnesses and symptoms range from flatulence and allergies to depression, sleep disorders, skin problems and many more. Many of these disorders and diseases can be significantly improved and actively prevented through intestinal cleansing and colon cleansing according to the principles of Modern Mayr Medicine. The focus is on scientifically based research into the causes of illnesses and not just on curing symptoms.

The personalized therapy concept developed together forms the basis for your path to greater well-being and ease.
Whether strengthening the immune system, increasing performance, preventing or improving existing symptoms, detoxification, weight regulation or increasing resilience Modern Mayr Medicine activates self-regulation and helps you achieve your individual health goals.

Your personalized health concept will be created tailored to your needs.
The initial consultation includes a detailed anamnesis, diagnostics and tests using FMD as well as the Therapy recommendation.

Functional myodiagnostics

This is a diagnostic method whose test instrument is the human muscle.

The reaction of the muscle to a stimulus provides information about health disorders and Self-regulation. As an extended diagnostic method, FMD enables the recognition of functional connections and helps in creating individual therapy.

Orthomolecular Medicine

Dr.Linus Pauling, two-time Nobel Prize winner and Founder of OM, defines it as “the maintenance of health and the treatment of disease by changing the concentration of substances that are normally present in the body and are responsible for health”.

These include vitamins, minerals, Trace elements, amino acids and essential fatty acids.
To maintain health and protect against harmful influences, people are dependent on the supply of the right molecules or nutrients in the right concentrations.
In the best case scenario, these are supplied through food .
In addition to a healthy and balanced diet, food supplements can help to maintain a good supply - especially when additional stress such as stress, digestive disorders, leaky gut, chronic illness and much more lead to deficits and, as a result, a significant increase in the need for micronutrients.
The aim of OM is not only to treat illness but also to maintain health.

Detox cure from € 800,-

  • Initial consultation, FMD diagnostics
  • Follow-up examination 30 minutes
  • Laboratory test (complete blood count)
  • 2 follow-up consultations with follow-up tests,
  • Control of the course of therapy , nutrition plan, manual abdominal treatment according to FX.Mayr
  • Final examination

Microbiome analysis including discussion of findings € 300,-

Intolerances and stresses are individually medically analyzed and billed separately, as well as special laboratory tests and necessary nutritional supplements.

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Dr. Patrizia Debski

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Dr. Patrizia Debski