Beauty booster infusion

Multivitamin complex with B vitamins as well as pantothenic acid, Vit C, biotin, Folic acid, Vit B12 for gorgeous hair, beautiful skin and a good nervous system.


Preise: ab €150.00
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High Power Vit C high dose infusion

Highly dosed vitamin C for anti-aging effect, oxidative stress reduction, Reduction of susceptibility to infections, promotes wound healing, for detoxification, anti-inflammatory, in smokers. &nbs...

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Immune booster infusion

High dosage of vitamin C, selenium and zinc to prevent infections and strengthen of well-being.  

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Iron infusion

IRON INFUSIONS with Ferinject R ( )   Fatigue and listlessness are not the only symptoms. Hair loss, brittle nails, headaches, sleep problems and depressive moods can also be a ...

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Relax Drip Infusion

Constant overstimulation, high workload as well as the lack of necessary rest breaks often lead to permanent stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system and thus a massive imbalance of the autonomi...

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Leaky gut infusion

A healthy intestine is the foundation of our health! This infusion is suitable at the beginning of intestinal cleansing, in cases of existing leaky gut syndrome (intestinal barrier disorder) and in fo...

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Energy booster infusion

This infusion is an effective method of quickly and effectively supplying the body with energy and increasing performance.

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